Zoway Media strives to engage individuals from these least-reached peoples and places with the Word of God, that they might see and believe that Christ is King of every nation. 

One of the devil’s most effective lies is that Jesus is only for “Christians”, and that certain ethnic groups must maintain allegiance to their inherited religious traditions, whether Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or something else.  

This lie has entrenched these ethnic groups against Christian witness, and has made them uniquely difficult to share the hope the risen Jesus. These are not merely places where Christians are few, but rather entire cultures where the lie that Christ is irrelevant has never been challenged. 

And yet, these peoples and places are largely ignored by the Church’s efforts, and the vast majority of missionary resources go to places where Christian witness has already been established. 

Zoway Media bucks this trend by sharing the Bible to these least-reached peoples in difficult places online, and working with near-culture pastors towards our long term goal of initiating a local church planting movement.

How does Zoway share the story of Jesus?

Identify priority – We begin by identifying high priority communities that are isolated from the Bible and Christian witness. 

Initiate contact  – Next, we use a variety of digital marketing strategies to reach out to individuals and whole communities with the contextualized digital Bible. 

Analyze impact  – We then analyze how effective our outreach is to ensure that our readers are the right people in the right places. 

Refine strategy  – We regularly evaluate and adjust our strategy to more effectively reach the greatest number of people in the least reached places.  

Church Planting – We partner with near-culture native speaker pastors to enable them to connect with the least reached people online, with our ultimate hope being an offline, thriving local body of Christ